Considering the fact that working on road projects requires particular skills, we encourage our employees to continuous improvement by organizing them various trainings. In particular: safe drive training, the basic skills of first aid and professional customer service training.

• Skoda Auto School – we have already been cooperating with the Skoda Auto School in Poznań, in which our employees (especially those who are driving company’s vehicles) have a chance to learn and practice technics of safe driving
• First Aid Training – although our employees are not professional medical rescuers, we encourage them to gain at least basic knowledge in this field. An excellent opportunity to improve rescue technics are the Rescue Championship organized every year by our partner company – Medicover. Our employees regularly participate in this event, which is great opportunity to develop skills that can be useful when the need arises.
• Customer service – training of professional customer service harmonize with our strategy of professional customer service that we aim to achieve at work. It is also an essential element of the implementation of each new toll employee, who will deal with A1 Users. For those employees who already gained some experience we organize trainings of advanced customer service skills.

Skoda Auto School

Superior value of Intertoll is the safety of our employees carrying out their professional duties on the road and also those who drive company’s vehicles. We make every effort to ensure that the largest group of Intertoll employees participate in the regular safe driving courses and thrifty driving trainings organized by Skoda Auto School. The aim of the courses is to develop the ability to recognize and avoid the dangerous situations on the road. It is also important for the drivers to realize that highest guarantee of a safe trip is the moderation and adjustment of the driving parameters to the road conditions.

First Aid Training

We realize that each of us should be able to give an first aid. For several years we have been participating in the training which crowning is the competition of emergency medical service organized by Medicover. The main aim of this project is to promote the idea of helping victims of dangerous incidents. The competition is preceded by an advanced first aid course, during which our employees gain a unique knowledge how to save human life and health in case of emergency.

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SOS Emergency Centre

The telephone line designed for Users of AmberOne interested in reporting traffic incidents (accidents and collisions) and vehicle breakdowns.

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