Customer Service Office

Users of the northern section of the A1 Motorway can obtain information about AmberOne by phone – contacting the Consultants of Customer Service Line on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from
8:00-16:00 on number 58 530 66 89.

Users interested in submitting an application, complaint or written inquiry may send their application by:

  • Fax – 58 530 66 95
  • E-mail: or
  • Post Mail on address: Customer Service Intertoll Poland – Ropuchy 7a, 83-130 Pelplin
  • Through the application form, which can be obtained from the toll collectors while paying for transit service

Operator AmberOne answers to written complaints and requests of Users of the northern section of the A1 motorway within 14 working days following the date of receipt of the notification.

GDPR information for Users

We attach great importance to the protection of privacy, which is why we care for the security of processing Your personal data as Users of the A1 Motorway (Rusocin – Toruń). We want to ensure that we treat privacy protection with care and with consideration of all the obligations arising from the applicable provisions of law on the protection of personal data. That is why we want to inform You about the basic rules regarding the processing of Personal Data.

  1. The Administrator of Your Personal Data is: Intertoll Polska based in: Ropuchy 7a, 83-130 Pelplin.
  2. We process your Personal Data only to the extent that is necessary to ensure the proper management of the Ways, in particular, to provide a possibility to use the Ways, for toll payment processes, to ensure safety on road, including handling of traffic incidents (safety monitoring system at the PPO registering the data of vehicles entering the Ways), as well as to deal with any reports from the Users. The basis for the processing of the Data is Art. 6(1) letters b), e), and f) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); Your Personal Data will not be used for marketing purposes but only for the professional management of the Ways.
  3. Your Personal Data shall not be disclosed to any third parties with the exception of our advisers involved in the implementation of the objectives set out in point 2, each time on the basis of relevant agreements ensuring the protection of privacy and public authorities entitled to gain access to personal data under specific proceedings governed by the binding law.
  4. Personal Data shall not be transferred to any third country or any international organizations, unless the co-administrator is obliged, on your request, to issue an invoice and only to the extent required to issue such invoice. In such situations, the Personal Data shall be processed within the capital group the co-administrator is a member of, under respective agreements.
  5. We store Personal Data only for the period necessary to comply with the obligations specified in point 2 or until we receive your demand to delete, limit the storage of Personal Data, or until we receive your objection against their storage or demand to transfer them. The processing of Personal Data may be extended by a period of limitation of claims, if processing is necessary to assert any claims or defend against such claims.
  6. At any moment, you may control the way we process your Data and:
    a) demand access to the content of your Personal Data,
    b) correct or delete them, limit the processing,
    c) transfer your Personal Data,
    d) file an objection against processing,
    e) file a complaint should you come to deem that the processing by us of Personal Data infringes the provisions of the law.
  7. Providing the Data is not obligatory but is necessary to enable us to deal with your notifications concerning our services. Providing the registration number of the car (monitoring system) and – in justified cases – other Data is required due to the provision of public road management service, in particular handling with traffic events and ensuring safety on the Ways.
  8. Your Personal Data shall not be processed automatically.

Feel free to contact us:

Intertoll Polska

Pelplin Office
Ropuchy 7a
83-130 Pelplin, Poland

Phone: +48 58 530 66 99
Fax: +48 58 530 66 95

Intertoll Construction

Gdańsk Office (Intertoll Construction)
BCB Business Park B1
ul. Azymutalna 9
80-298 Gdańsk, Poland

Phone: +48 58 888 22 17

Intertoll Europe

Head Office:
DEXAGON building
Fehérvári út 50-52.
H-1117 Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36 1 371 0762
Fax: +36 1 215 6165

Individual departments of Intertoll Polska:


The line is designed for business partners, contractors, public institutions, offices and persons and companies interested in cooperation with us.

tel. 58 530 66 99 | fax 58 530 66 95 | e-mail:

Customer Service Office

Organizational Unit that supports queries, requests and complaints of the A1 Users

tel. 58 530 66 89 | e-mail:

SOS Emergency Centre

The telephone line designed for Users of AmberOne interested in reporting traffic incidents (accidents and collisions) and vehicle breakdowns.

tel. 58 530 66 66