The toll system on the northern stretch of the A1 highway

Intertoll Poland performs tasks associated with 24 hours toll and transaction services that are paid for the transit through AmberOne for and on behalf of the Treasury. Payment service is implemented in a closed system: the fee is a product of the length of the distance and the rate appropriate for the type of the vehicle per 1 km.

In the northern section of the A1 motorway is 12 toll plazas:

  • Toll Area Rusocin – Rusocin, Stanisławie, Swarożyn, Pelplin
  • Toll Area Nowe Marzy – Kopytkowo, Warlubie, Nowe Marzy, Grudziądz, Lisewo
  • Toll Area Toruń – Turzno, Lubicz, Nowa Wieś
How much is the A1 motorway fee?

How much is the A1 motorway fee?

Information on accepted forms of payment as well as the tariff and fee calculator can be found on the A1 Motorway website:

The AmberGo payment system

The AmberGo payment system

Information on the new AmberGO payment system and all updates can be found here:

The answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found directly on the websites of payment operators, i.e. companies that support an AmberGO payment application.

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Intertoll Construction

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The line is designed for business partners, contractors, public institutions, offices and persons and companies interested in cooperation with us.

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Customer Service Office

Organizational Unit that supports queries, requests and complaints of the A1 Users

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SOS Emergency Centre

The telephone line designed for Users of AmberOne interested in reporting traffic incidents (accidents and collisions) and vehicle breakdowns.

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